TV REVIEW – Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7 Episode 3

By Marty Mulrooney

CurbHeader1*Warning! Due to the nature of the show, this review may contain mild spoilers.*

Episode 3: The Reunion

Episode 3 of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7 may excite Seinfeld fans even more than fans of Curb: this is the episode that has been hinted at for the last two weeks after all. Yes, that’s right, in last night’s episode aired in the UK, the main cast of Seinfeld all appeared in the show!

Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Julia-Lewis Dreyfus and Michael Richards were all back on screen together, and I have to say it was quite amusing! I know Larry secretly hates reunion shows, and a Seinfeld one probably won’t happen outside of the fake Curb universe, but I am still looking forward to it being shown in a later episode (providing Larry doesn’t screw up!)

There was great chemistry from all the old faces and it was nice that they didn’t overpower the show. Larry was still the main focus and some of his scenes were predictably hilarious. If anything, there weren’t enough scenes with Jerry Seinfeld himself, but I heard through the grapevine (via the US who are ahead of us Brits) that he will be featured more heavily in a future episode so I will let HBO off!

To me, the best scenes in this episode were between Larry and Jason Alexander. Jason was of course playing a character in Seinfeld that was based on Larry David, so it was really interesting to see them interact. Oh and by the way, just like last episode, I am with Larry on this one. We don’t have a tipping culture over in the UK like they do in the US, but still… I DO think people should co-ordinate tips! Poor Larry, I am starting to think he is the normal one and everyone else is nuts! Oh, and I would be mad too if I got the same Los Angeles Lakers seats he was given!

Highlights: the waiter in this episode nearly stole the scenes he was in from Mr David with his understated antics, and Susie can of course always be relied on to rip Larry a new a-hole. Dr David may have saved her from Lyme disease, but like hell is she going to thank him! Larry apologises  for once as well, and it is about as sorry as he can get… which isn’t very. Can you apologise for an apology?!

Sadly, there is a slight negative in this episode with regards to Michael Richards’ performance. It was slightly over the top and seemed quite like his Kramer role in Seinfeld; I would have liked to see him presented as surprisingly different to his alter ego rather than just the same ole’ oddball, but meh! That is always going to be personal preference I guess, as I know he was loved for acting that way in the past. Oh, and Meg Ryan fans got a nice treat near the end. A strong episode, but perhaps not as funny as the last two, so I look forward to stronger ones in the coming weeks!

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