TV REVIEW – Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7 Episode 1

By Marty Mulrooney


*Warning! Due to the nature of the show, this review may contain mild spoilers.*

Episode 1: Funkhouser’s Crazy Sister

Curb Your Enthusiasm recently returned to the US after a 2 year gap, and was finally shown here in the UK on E4 last week (the second episode is on tonight.) I was unsure whether to review the show, due to comedy being so subjective. However, I couldn’t help myself so here I am! I will review the first episode now and then try and review tonight’s episode as soon as possible.

For those of you out of the loop, Curb Your Enthusiasm is a comedy show, fully improvised, based around the fictitious life of Seinfeld creator Larry David. Larry is a real person, but the show and the life it portrays are all fake, presented as truth. Anyway, if you haven’t watched the show before, stop reading now! Go and watch it asap as I really do think it is the funniest thing on television (after Peep Show!)

Season 7 doesn’t miss a beat, beginning immediately where season 6 left off; Larry’s wife has left him, he is still dating Loretta Black, whilst the rest of her crazy family still live in his house. Only problem is; Larry wants his wife back!

Loretta has become a bit of a nut job, and plus she may have cancer. In other shows, I would say no way, don’t even joke about that. But somehow, Curb Your Enthusiasm gets away with it in a non-offensive, genuinely hilarious way… Larry is convinced you cannot dump someone with cancer! Therefore, he must get rid of her before she gets her biopsy back.

If only life were that simple! Instead, we have a doctor who just helps himself out the fridge (I am with Larry on this one, what the hell!) the temperature rising fast (68 degrees!? You may as well f*cking sleep outside LD!), and Marty Funkhouser’s crazy sister causing all sorts of trouble for Larry’s sex-addict manager Jeff Greene.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of episode 1 is that there are some genuinely touching moments between Larry and his wife Cheryl. However, nothing beats Larry pretending to faint… my god he is really priceless! I couldn’t stop laughing!

In short, this is a very strong return for the show and I hope the rest of the season provides the same level of quality throughout! Welcome back LD!

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