My first review for ACG (Ceville)

By Marty Mulrooneyimpulseheader_ceville

My first review for is finally up!

Ceville is a comedy driven point and click adventure game from Kalypso, that I thought was a surprisingly pleasant game to pass some time. It reminded me a lot of the Shrek films, using well known fairy tales as the basis for a world of oddities and humour.

I liked:

  • Controlling multiple characters. You can control up to three characters at once, with non of them being the typical protagonist you would expect to find. The mechanic for control when more than one characters is active also works very well. More games should use this.
  • The titular hero of the game. Ceville himself is hilarious at times. It is quite refreshing to have such a sour commentary as you explore the world, in comparison to the usual bog standard replies from other games of the same ilk.
  • The colourful graphics. The world is wonderful to explore, and crammed full of hotspots.

I disliked:

  • The load times. Over 60 seconds sometimes, which is a bit rediculous for a game of this type. (Longer than Half Life 2 for example!)
  • The install. For some reason this seemed to take forever, and wasn’t always clear with the progress being made.
  • The emotional involvement. As a personal preference, I like my games a bit more serious and with slightly more relatable characters.

Still, this is a good game well worth checking out. For my full review, visit:

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