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FILM REVIEW – Source Code

By Marty Mulrooney


Source Code is a science fiction thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal (Donnie Darko), Michelle Monaghan (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), Vera Farmiga (Up In The Air) and Jeffrey Wright (Quantum Of Solace). Two years after directing the award-winning British science fiction film Moon starring Sam Rockwell, director Duncan Jones returns to the big screen with a massive increase in budget ($32 million compared to Moon’s $5 million) and an even bigger story to tell. The action may take place on Earth this time around, but Jones is clearly a director who is still aiming for the stars…

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By Marty Mulrooney


I have always been a huge George Clooney fan, even if I haven’t loved every single film he has been in. I just find him a class act, that rare breed of actor that nearly died out in Hollywood years ago. A suit wearing charmer that would struggle in certain roles for being almost too perfect, yet who manages to embody the affluent American gentleman perfectly. He is an analogue watch in a digital age, but to be fair he pulls it off really, really well. So is Up In The Air one of his blockbusters, or another of his riskier indie projects? Surprisingly, this may actually be the film to successfully straddle between the two…

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