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By Stewie Sutherland


I had the unique opportunity to watch the new film Astro Boy recently,  purely as a member of the audience. For this statement to make sense, I have to stress that when it comes to franchises, I’m either a fan or I’m not. Growing up, Astro Boy was a show I vaguely remember as being on very early of a weekday, somewhere near the animated Abbot and Costello show.

I’m showing my age there, I’m sure (I’m 24) and I can only just remember it as something I’d run around the house singing along to when the credits came on. Being the closest thing to an Anime for the time of the late 80’s/early 90’s, Astro Boy was a classic tale of a robot boy who fought crime and evil and saved the world. I think. I can’t stress enough that I can only just remember these details. Long story short, I wasn’t that big of a fan, not when Inspector Gadget did the same job but with the legendary Don Adam’s at the helm. Continue reading

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