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Submission Rules

  • Please note that our affiliations with other sites/companies should never under any circumstances influence our review scores or write-ups. Alternative Magazine Online always works hard to ensure that any reviews published are accurate and fair. Review copies do not guarantee a top score or a favourable review: we reserve our right to editorial independence.
  • All articles must be written in English (United Kingdom), with no profanity used unless quoted or deemed justifiable by both the writer and editor (only in specific instances).
  • Assignments should be green-lit and fully discussed before a writer begins working on them. Also, do not take offense if an idea is turned down.
  • The author should always try to comply with the assigned deadline: please let the editor know if there are any problems in advance. Generous deadlines will be given to minimise any issues. Only two assignments will be given to any one writer at a time.
  • Ensure any game you review is fully completed beforehand or at least given a decent attempt at completion. Books and films should also be completely experienced before a review is attempted.
  • All submissions are subject to editing and accuracy checks. However, the opinion of the writer will never be altered or suppressed.
  • All articles are to remain exclusively on Alternative Magazine Online. Writers may link back to an article from other blogs and sites with a small extract provided, but the full body of text must remain here.
  • Writer’s must hold no commercial or non-commercial tie-in to any party (such as a developer or publisher) that may cause a conflict of interest with their role as a writer for Alternative Magazine Online. Any misrepresentation by our writers due to the above is strictly forbidden.
  • Please send images in a separate email after submitting an assignment. Images should NOT be taken directly from other sites, or Google Images.
  • PC game screenshots should be taken using FRAPS where possible. For consoles/ film/ book reviews, please obtain images directly from the relevant publisher or official site.
  • After writing an article, please proofread it thoroughly and make sure all text is justified. (Both figuratively and literally!)
  • Please ensure that all articles are placed into the correct category before submission. Also, please ensure that all tags are capitalised, concise and relevant.
  • By submitting an article, the writer agrees to grant us the right to publish said article on this site without payment for an indefinite period. This authorisation, once given, is not retractable. The author will always be fully credited and is still responsible for the opinion and content expressed within their submitted/published articles.
  • The site owner reserves the final right to accept or refuse publication of any submitted article.
  • By submitting an article, the author agrees to fully comply with the above terms and conditions.

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