AMO Rating System Explained

Alternative Magazine Online uses a 10 point rating system which is explained in detail below. Anything awarded .5 is between two scores (e.g. 7.5 is between 7 and 8), neither fully fulfilling the higher score boundary nor drastically falling into the one beneath. Please note that review scores are only used by AMO to give a basic guideline as to the quality of a reviewed product at first glance. The written words that make up a review are always what matter most.

10 OUT OF 10 – Phenomenal
This score indicates a product that is one of the finest of its type. Any small issues are made irrelevant by the overwhelming quality and excellence on display. At the time of release, this product will be setting new standards in its relevant product area/genre. A must see/buy that comes highly recommended by AMO.
9 OUT OF 10 – Excellent
Another score that indicates a fantastic product. A product falling into this category has some small issues holding it back from attaining a perfect score but still manages to offer a fantastic experience overall. Although not quite perfect, AMO can give a whole-hearted recommendation with a clear conscience for anything rated at this level.
8 OUT OF 10 – Great
This score will be awarded to any product that is worth checking out, especially for fans of the relevant product area/genre. Any minor faults will not be important in the grand scheme of things: this score is the lowest we will award to anything we think you should definitely check out and should still be taken as a strong recommendation from AMO.
7 OUT OF 10 – Good
Anything awarded at this level is good overall, but will likely be enjoyed most by people who have a keen interest in the product area/genre. Its faults are not yet overwhelming, but are noticeable enough to somewhat hamper the better aspects of the product.
6 OUT OF 10 – Average
Anything that is rated at this level should be approached with caution. Noticeable faults are now becoming significant problems, rendering this product decidedly average even when its positive aspects are taken into account. Not the worst of its type; it may have some worthy attributes, but cannot be recommended to all.
5 OUT OF 10 – Mediocre
Decidedly middle of the road and starting to dip below average. Any product rated at this level will have significant problems that outweigh any positive attributes: there will be better options available elsewhere.
4 OUT OF 10 – Poor
Products at this level have something noticeably missing. They lack the basic qualities that are to be expected from products of this type and fail to accomplish what they set out to achieve. Extremely below average.
3 OUT OF 10 – Bad
You should avoid products rated at this level. Aspects that should be present and accounted for are missing or broken, with any small positives making the negatives blatantly more obvious. Avoid.
2 OUT OF 10 – Terrible
Any product rated at this level is so bad it becomes hard to stomach. It may not even function at all and if it does you will wish it hadn’t bothered. Paying money for a product rated at this level is considered daylight robbery.
1 OUT OF 10 – Abysmal
A product so bad that is has no redeeming features whatsoever. Anything rated at this level is so broken that it is pointless even existing in the first place. The lowest of the low.

Please note: On 09/12/2009, Tales Of Monkey Island: Chapter 5 ‘Rise Of The Pirate God’ (Season Finale) was awarded 11 OUT OF 10. This was done to show how the series had bettered itself with every subsequent episode and also to show how futile review scores can actually be: it is always the words of a review that really matter, not the final score. Therefore, purists should take this AMO rating as a 10 OUT OF 10 score and note that we will not be breaking our rating system again any time soon!