Gobliiins 4 Review (ACG)

By Marty Mulrooney

Gobliiins4CoverMy latest review is up for adventureclassicgaming.com!

Gobliiins 4 marks the long awaited return of the Gobliiins franchise to our PC screens. In all honesty, this review may have been one of the most difficult I have ever had to write. It started out surprisingly promising, but sadly by the end I found it difficult to recommend. I would be interested to hear whether people think my full review was fair!

Adventureclassicgaming.com were really great and told me to just be honest and backup my points, so it was encouraging to know the site backs up their writers 100%.

I liked:

  • The earlier levels. I felt the puzzles, although quirky, were actually quite inventive and satisfying to solve.
  • The concept. I thought it was quite cool to control three goblins at once, all with different skills.
  • The novelty factor. The game is certainly a blast from the past; they don’t really make them like this anymore!

I disliked:

  • The puzzles. As the game progresses, they quickly descend into obscurity. I don’t mind hard puzzles, but I hate it when the player is reduced to just using trail and error to progress. A shame, as earlier on I felt the balance was much better.
  • The lack of voicework. I can see why it was left out (the goblins just murmur with strange sounds, part of the quirkiness) and I guess you can still get the gist of things due to the accompanying text. Yet I felt it limited having any investment in the protagonists, and made the narrative very poor as a result.
  • The sound. The music, although cheery, is very repetitive and the lack of voicework doesn’t help. The garbled noises the goblins make annoyed me quite alot!
  • The price. This is a full price retail game, yet I think it would have worked far more effectively as a cheaper, digital download. This way, fans of the series would still get the game they want (at a good price), whilst newcomers might have been more willing to take a chance and try the game out for themselves!

Check out my full written review at ACG here.

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