Owner / Founder / Lead Writer / Editor-In-Chief – Marty Mulrooney

MartyAMOMarty Mulrooney graduated in 2009 with a BA Degree in Media and Film, specialising in both Print Journalism and Advanced Screenwriting. He now works for a social media marketing agency. He is a lead writer for and has contributed to, as well as running his own website, Alternative Magazine Online. He created his own magazine in university and enjoyed it so much that he decided to keep it alive online!  A keen writer, Marty has a passion for anything with a good story. If that is a game, graphic novel or even a song, then so be it. His aim is to share all of these wonderful stories with the readers of this site, so they too can make informed decisions on what is worth their time and hard-earned cash. He also hopes that maybe one day someone will notice him via the site. Particular areas of interest include point-and-click adventures, indie gaming, PlayStation gaming, films, books, graphic novels and of course, creative writing.

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